Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Centralized Clan Castle is Not Outdated by Skeleton Traps

I know lots of you are also following the Youtubers and see their tips and – surprise, surprise – the most recent topic is the 4th Mortar. How to integrate it or maybe some need a complete new base layout. Actually, I have a lot respect for the Youtubers and they have very up to date and also very good tips for Clash of Clans, but right now there’s one thing I disagree with. Ok, let’s say it a little differently – I have a different approach. I saw some videos about integrating and I heard a couple of times that the centrallized Clan Castle is not needed any more because of the Skeleton Traps.

Why the Clan Castle needs to be the most central building in your base layout

Farming base or not, I think one of the things I said the most is that the Clan Castle belongs into the middle. Let’s just do some math and have a look at the strengths. You have 20-30 housing space with Archers in there. This can be 400-750 DPS dealt, which is an amazing amount. Although they die fast when there’s splash damage, or Lightning Spells, they are still the most powerful defense you can get. When comparing their firepower, they are like 10 X-Bows level 3. If you think the X-Bow has an amazing range – they can go anywhere once triggered.

Why the Skeleton Trap isn’t changing this

To get back to the original topic – I have heard the tip to just move the Clan Castle outside a little bit to place the 4th Mortar at the Clan Castle’s original place, and place the Skeleton Traps on the other side to balance it. This would look something like this:

clash-of-clans-asymmetric-clan-castle-skeleton-traps-2 clash of clans asymmetric clan castle skeleton traps 2

This would transform into something like this:

clash-of-clans-asymmetric-clan-castle-skeleton-traps-3 clash of clans asymmetric clan castle skeleton traps 3

If you look at the basics, it should work out – you have up to 30 housing space at one side and 9-15 Skeletons from the Traps on the other side. This isn’t not correct from my point of view, because there are two things missing in this calculation.

Triggering the Clan Castle is easier

The harder it is for your Clan Castle to be triggered, the harder it will be to destroy your village. If your attacker’s troops are busy with the defensive buildings, they will have a huge problem when your Clan Castle troops join this fight. In most cases, your base layout is quite rectangular, so the trigger radius will be inside the perimeter at most places around your base. If you place it a little more to one side, you will offer your attackers an easier trigger entry point. You can see this in the screenshot above, no matter how the other buildings are placed, the Clan Castle troops can be triggered with some Barbarians.

Trigger radius of the Skeleton Traps

The trigger radius of the Skeleton Traps is not very big, so they will not cover up the area the Clan Castle leaves any more. Also, I assume you will have ranged attacking troops in your Clan Castle, and the Skeletons are melee attackers. They will run outside your base and get killed much easier than your Archers will.

clash-of-clans-asymmetric-clan-castle-skeleton-traps-trigger-radius clash of clans asymmetric clan castle skeleton traps trigger radius

So, the Skeleton Trap is bad?

No! This is a very powerful Trap (like I posted here directly after the Halloween Update was released), but you have to use it as an addition to your Clan Castle, and not as a replacement. You can either spread it more outside, like I described in this post, or you can place it next to the Clan Castle.
Also very important:
Like I said – it’s my opinion about the centralized Clan Castle and I’m still a huge fan of the Youtubers, but I think you can follow my arguments.
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