Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Building the ultimate Base Part 3: Anti Hog Rider Base

The Hog Riders got in the last update some mayor weakness but they are still very effective on bases with a layout offering weak spots for them. I want to show you how a good Anti Hog Rider concept works so you may adapt it to your base.

Basic Anti Hog Rider concept

Hog Riders will always target the next defensive building and completely ignore Walls in between them. Usually they are used in combination with Healing Spells so this is what you are using against them. You want them to go round your base without targeting the inner core where you put your long range defensive buildings.

The Core

Here you have to put your long ranged defensive buildings like Inferno Towers, X-Bows and your Clan Castle – you may also consider putting your Mortars here and also your Town Hall if you want to create a trophy anti Hog Rider base. They will grind on the Hog Riders health while they go around your base and hopefully kill them all before they will go towards your inner core. If you’re a Town Hall 10 set at least 1 Inferno Tower to attack Multi-Targets – this will just make Hog Rider attacks quite desperate against your base.

The second layer

The second layer is the cache between the Hog Riders and your inner core – if they break into your inner core you are most likely lost. Don’t put any kind of defensive buildings here because you always want that an more outside defensive building is closer to the Hog Riders to keep them away from moving forwards towards your inner core. Take the opportunity to put your Storages and also some Mines and Collectors here to prevent being BARCHed or BAMed. Here is an example:

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-concept Clash of Clans anto hog rider concept

Here’s also where you use the best Anti Hog Rider weapon you have – double Giant Bombs. Hog Riders may survice a single Giant Bomb if there’s a Healing Spell active on them but they will never survice two detonations at once. The reason you have to build them there is that this is the place where Hog Riders grouped together in bigger groups completely and if you set them up in the outside they could only kill some of them or maybe someone is testing the water first and only loses 1 or 2 Hog Rider.

The Bulkhead layer

This is the layer where you put your “less” important defensive buildings like Cannons, Archer Towers etc. You want the Hog Riders to attack them first and then go around and the most important thing is that you will always know that the Hog Riders will move here and you have to put your Spring Traps in between these buildings. These Traps are essential for winning against Hog Riders because the Spring Traps will just remove some Hog Riders. If you manage the Hog Riders to run into all of them your are save for sure. Please don’t rebuild that example base here because it only shows the basic connect – you can find some good layout at the end of this post:

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-concept-layout Clash of Clans anto hog rider concept layout

The outside

Here you can place all other buildings like Army Camps, Barracks etc. The Hog Riders will ignore them but if someone brings more troops to the party (like Wizards or Archers) they will prevent them from going inside after the Hog Riders took out lots of defensive buildings and have the inner core’s long ranged defensive buildings attention.

Common mistakes

Don’t do the spiked Wall layout because it make your base very vulnerable against Archer and Barbarian combos trying to cheap raid your base for 50% destruction. In this case you just have an ever bigger problem:

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-mistake-design Clash of Clans anto hog rider mistake design

Some examples for good Anti Hog Rider bases

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-good-layout-alternative-th9 Clash of Clans anto hog rider good layout alternative th9 

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-good-layout-good-spike-design Clash of Clans anto hog rider good layout good spike design 

Clash-of-Clans-anto-hog-rider-good-layout Clash of Clans anto hog rider good layout

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