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Building the ultimate Anti Dragon and Anti Balloon Base

Air Troops have gotten a huge comeback lately. There are the mass Dragon attacks which is very common in Clan War against Town Hall 7 to 9 and the mix with Lava Hounds and Balloons in the Champions League. The Air Defenses had been a little neglected so far and I want to show you in this post how you can make your base air proof and also have some very up to date 2015 Anti Air Base Designs you can use.

General thoughts about defending against Air Troops

There are many troops in Clash of Clans and most of them are ground troops – now we are talking about the flying troops and here we have only 3 kinds of units (I don’t count the Healer as an attacking unit here because they are only supportive):
  • Minions: You can most likely call them flying Barbarians because they are not wiped away in one breeze and they attack any kind of building but have to be quite near to them
  • Balloons: They are somehow like the Hog Riders because they ignore Walls completely because they fly and they will focus on defensive buildings. You will see later why I said that about the Hogs.
  • Dragons: They have lots of hit points and deal good damage, but they are slow and their AI can sometimes make you sick
  • Lava Hounds: They are like Golems. They deal practically no damage but have a massive amount of health. When they get killed they spawn the Lava Pups which are like Minions that distract the Defenses a little more.
In addition to this little introduction I suggest also the HITS TO KILL series (especially the episodes about the Air Defense, but also the Wizard Tower and the Archer Tower is helpful).

Minions attacking with no real Air Defense clash of clans minions prevent air bombs

Minions attacking a base

The Core

The Core will as always contain your most important buildings (Storages/X-Bows if you do a more farming layout or Town Hall/X-Bows if you do more trophy hunting or a War Base) and your Clan Castle of course. I hope you like having Troops in there that will attack air units like Archers or Wizards or a Dragon (the killer of the Balloons because they cannot attack Air Troops at all). Next to the Clan Castle you should always keep some Air Defenses in there and try to place them to get aerial Troops attacked as early as possible. This is important because your attacker will most likely pick the more outside Air Defenses first and if they are destroyed the Dragons or Balloons will just turn your base into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. While they go around they will get shot by these Air Defenses and they will really harm even the strongest Dragon crucially.

Anti Dragons and Anti Balloon Air Defense Farming Base clash of clans anti dragon layouts

Farming Base with strong Anti Air Troop Core

You can also think about setting the Archer Queens altar in there but you will not need the Barbarian King. If you are lower than Town Hall 8 you will most likely not have more than two layers so just put them all inside.

The outside Web

Getting all the Minions and lots of Balloons wiped out
The first task gets accomplished by your Air Mines and also your Wizard Towers. The Wizard Towers themselves don’t make very much impact damage but they are very strong against groups of Minions or Balloons (last one especially because they are very slow). Your Wizard Towers should not be that much outside that Minions or Balloons can directly target them so just put some Mines/Collectors/Army Camps or anything like this in front of them – while the Minions attack them the Wizard Tower will attack them.

Anti Air Layout layer clash of clans anti minion layouts

Anti Balloon and Minion setup in the second base layer

As your Wizard Towers can’t cover the whole outside layer so use your Air Bombs for the areas in between. If your enemy is not smart enough to “test” with one Minion if there is an Air Bomb he will lose 10+ of them in one explosion.
Setting your enemy’s path
They will have to attack where you put your Air Defenses because if not they will just kill all units while they attack other buildings. This is ver useful for you because now you know where he will start and also where the troops will go. You remember I compared the Balloons to the Hog Riders? They have the exactly same routing system so you should always try to have a defensive building in your outside layer more close to the next than to the inside layer. While they go round and round your inside Air Defense will deal with them very quickly.

Dragons attacking a War Base Clash of Clans deploy dragon pack

Dragons attacking a base in a pack but most likely split up very soon in smaller groups

The Dragons are more complicated because they make much more damage and also move faster than the Balloons. The only real fear they have is stepping into a Seeking Air Mine. Seeking Air Mines will NOT get triggered by Minions so don’t be afraid to put them near your outside Air Defenses so you can kill one Dragon right away. This is a simple calculation: 10 Dragons for the whole time deal more damage than 9 of them. That’s right: try to get the Dragons killed as fast as possible.

Avoid common mistake

One of the most common mistake when talking aerial defense is that the important things are put too much inside – like “I only want to have to use it when the air gets thin – my Archer Towers will deal with them”. Yes, Seeking Air Mines are expensive, but keep in mind that they are not triggered by Minions so you only get units killed you definitely don’t want anywhere near your base, especially Dragons and also Healers.

Solid Anti Dragon and Anti Balloon Base Layouts for 2015

Here are some designs for you to use. You have to make a difference between Farming and War/Pushing setup of course. I started off with Town Hall 7 because in lower ranges it’s not common to have to deal with Air Troops that much.

Town Hall 7 Anti Air Base Layouts

Pushing War Base Layout Anti Dragons Anti Balloons 2015 Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Anti Air Base Pushing War Base

Town Hall 7 Pushing/War layout
Anti Air Pushing Base TH7 Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Anti Air Base Pushing Base

Pushing Base TH7 Anti Air Troops
Town Hall 7 Farming Base Anti Air Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Anti Air Farming Base

Town Hall 7 Farming Base with strong Anti Air capabilities

Town Hall 8 Anti Dragon Base with 4 Mortars

Town Hall 8 War Base Anti Dragons Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Anti Air Base

Town Hall 8 Pushing Base (also great for Clan War)
4 Mortars TH8 Anti Dragon Farming Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Anti Air Farming Base

Anti Dragon Farming Base Town Hall 8

Anti Air Base Design for Town Hall 9

TH9 Farming Base Anti Air Troops Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Anti Dragon Farming Base 4 Mortars
a very symmetric Town Hall 9 Farming Base
TH9 Anti Air War Base Layout Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Anti Dragon War Base

Town Hall 9 War Base / Pushing Base perfect against Hog Rider and Dragon

Town Hall 10 Anti Dragon and Anti Balloon Base Designs

TH10 Anti Dragon anti balloon farming base design Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 Anti Air Farming Base

Town Hall 10 Anti Air Farming Base
Anti Dragon Town Hall 10 War Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 Anti Air War Base

Anti Air Town Hall 10 War Base

I hope you did find a base you can use.

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