Monday, June 8, 2015

Bring your Hero regeneration to perfection for Clan Wars

We have already told you a good deal of tactical and background information about the Heroes. Their special abilities make them indispensable in an important attack, such as in clan wars or perhaps a revenge attack. You know the Heroes are immortal units and they need to regenerate after a fight if they are wounded or knocked out. The time of regeneration is based on the level of the Heroes, which is proportional to their hitpoints. It is also important that they are available when you need them. But what about when they aren’t available?


You are in a Clan War and didn’t use your second attack yet. There is only one hour left to do this attack and everything is prepared for the attack. But you were raided and your Heroes were knocked out while defending your village. They need longer than an hour to regenerate. You have two possibilities now:
  1. Attack without your Heroes (really not recommended)
  2. Spend Gems to regenerate them quicker or immediately
This situation is rare but very annoying if it happens. So, what can you do about this? You can prevent the situation. Supercell has given the Heroes a special function which is not very well known or often used by us players: Sleeping! You can use this function if you press the button “Guard”.

clash-of-clans-hero-regeneration-in-clan-wars clash of clans hero regeneration in clan wars

If a Hero is sleeping, the altar looks empty for attackers and the Hero does not guard your village. You can wake up the Hero at any time so he will guard the village.
You may already have seen this function, but have you ever asked yourself why it exists? I don’t think so. Many players complain about the long regeneration time of the Heroes. Supercell is probably not going to reduce it again, since they just did this in the big September 2014 update. Players have to manage the regeneration time on their own. That is the point of this function, and it isn’t used often enough by most players. If you use this function wisely, you will never be without your Heroes in a critical situation or have to spend Gems for their regeneration.
Another great thing about the sleep function of your Heroes is that you don’t have to wake up them to use them in an attack. After a raid or attack, the Heroes go back to sleep again after the fight – even if their health points are full.
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Edited by: StTroyIII