Monday, June 8, 2015

Bring your Hero regeneration to perfection

Are you having troubles with the Hero regeneration time? I have gathered everything that will help you with the Heroes regeneration – in case the improvement for the Heroes regeneration time in the last update isn’t enough of you. Of course it isn’t because all of us want their Heroes in all raids so maybe you will get one or two hints how to have them available at least more.

Only use Heroes for defending if it’s useful

You know how easy it is to kill your Hero when he/she is outside your base. After the update before the last update Supercell changed the Heroes AI on defending so they will have their own trigger radius and stay next to their altar. Now you should have a close look at your base design and if you’re not having your Heroes inside the inner core you should really think about deactivating their defensive feature.

Clash-of-Clans-deactivate-defending-hero Clash of Clans deactivate defending hero

In this example the Heroes will attack your enemies troops but they will go down very fast and probably not prevent a defeat. The bad thing about this is when you log in shortly after this and want raid yourself you’re not having them for attacking because they died for almost no reason. I would also recommend this if you’re raiding heavily because Heroes are the troops that will the difference in your attacks.

The system behind Hero regeneration time

Before I will give you some advice how to save regeneration time in attacks I have to give you some info about how the regeneration works because Heroes don’t work like regular troops. Regular troops are lost from the moment they are deployed – no matter if they die or not they will not return to your Army Camp even if they haven’t gotten any scratch during the attack. Your Heroes work in a different way because they only have to regenerate what they lost during a fight. In this case the moment when the fight end is relevant so you can have influence on this with the Button “Surrender”.

Clash-of-Clans-shorter-hero-regeneration-by-surrendering Clash of Clans shorter hero regeneration by surrendering

This is calculated pretty easy – if the Hero loses 10% during the attack he/she only needs 10% of the regular regeneration time. Now let’s have a look at situation you should surrender yourself to save your Heroes regeneration time.

Surrendering while farming

When you’re farming you have some simple key strategy – using an army that is trained very fast and don’t really focus on trophy. If you have what you wanted (the resources) you should not waste your time watching your Heroes attacking buildings on their own. Even if they could win you 1 star let’s compare the two things:
  1. Your Hero(es) destroy some buildings and you get 1 star (and a win bonus) but they will significant drop in health
  2. You don’t get the win bonus but you can use your Hero(es) for attacking for probably half an hour which is probably more than the win bonus
What do you think will help you more if you want to get resources?

Clash-of-Clans-hero-regeneration-time-saving Clash of Clans hero regeneration time saving

Surrendering while trophy hunting

Surrendering while trophy hunting, am I crazy? I hope I’m not, at least in this case. In some situation you just got 1 star (mostly in tactics like BARCH, Ballooning, Lava Hounds are common strategies that will not make you 3 stars in many cases) you will have to get to the Town Hall to get a second star. If you see that you will not make this why carry on the attack? You will not get anything additional when you destroy 75% instead of 55% – all that can happen is that you will have to wait longer until your Hero(es) are ready for another attack.

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