Monday, June 8, 2015

Boosting correctly for ordinary days (Boosting Part 2)

After yesterdays post about Boosting while farming, I hope I was able to save you some Gems. If not, this might be because you aren’t farming right now? Alright, then I will share some of my thoughts on something I call “another ordinary day”. This is when you might be trying different troop setups, you aren’t going hard for resources specifically, or you are only trying to maintain your Trophy Count without pushing. I use this time for having some fun with Hog Riders (yes they are still my most favorite troop), Ballooning, or just playing around. I will exclude setups that are quite expensive and are for honest Trophy Pushing from today’s post – GoWiWi, GoWiPe or other things like Lavahounds and Dragons – basically excluding everything that has also an immense training time.

What should you boost?

This is getting more difficult, but let’s just write down some compositions with their average training time:
  • Hog Rider (about 30-40 Min.) and if you use 3 Healing Spells (90 Min. for that)
  • Balloons (about 60-80 Min.) and you have to use some Rage Spells (90 Min.)
  • Giant + Healer Compositions with supportive troops (about 40 Min.)
I don’t think I have to show you all kinds of different setups to get to the point. You can see that if you have between 60 and 90 Minutes training time, you need to optimize with boosting. What’s different from our farming post yesterday is that Spells are now needed. Hogging or Looning without Spells is just wasting time and resources. In this case, you see that boosting your Spell Factory is essential.

Clash-of-Clans-Hog-Rider-raiding Clash of Clans Hog Rider raiding

What else to boost?

This really depends on what you’re using. My advice is that you should stick to the same setup during that 2 hours you plan to boost. If you’re doing some Hog Rider fun, you can only boost two buildings to fasten up the process – your Dark Barracks. If you use Balloons, you can boost all of your Barracks, but a boosted Spell Factory can’t keep up – in this case, you should only boost two of them. Giant and Healer compositions don’t need that many Spells, so you can boost your Barracks as you please. Also, the Heroes – what about them?
Well, with there being so many different compositions and not knowing how many active Barracks you have or your housing space, etc., my advice is planning this yourself with some help from me. This is how I plan my boosting (using Hog Riders for example, but you can apply this to your setup):
  1. I choose my composition and see how long it requires (40 Hog Riders*2 Minutes = 80 Minutes / 2 Barracks = 40 Minutes)
  2. I determine what Spells will I be using, then I take the boosted Spell factory time as my goal time (2 Healing Spells = 60 Minutes / 4 times faster boost = 15 Minutes).
  3. Apply the boost. In my case, this is easy because I can only boost the 2 Dark Barracks to get 20 Minutes time. This is slower than my Spell Factory, so I should also consider using some additional Wizards to achieve my 15 Minutes training time. Also, I see that I can use a 3rd Healing Spell in cases where needed, without losing too much time. Boosting costs money.
  4. Boosting Heroes? In this case, yes, because I need them and with a goal time of 15 Minutes they really need to get healthy fast.
This was too easy? Alright, here’s another example with Balloons:
  1. 40 Balloons * 8 Minutes = 320 Minutes / 4 Barracks = 80 Minutes
  2. 3 Rage Spells = 135 Minutes / 4 = 34 Minutes Goal Time
  3. Boosting all the Barracks would give me 20 Minutes, which is too fast for my Spell Factory and I need these Spells to succeed. I would only boost 2 of the Barracks, which would give me 40 Minutes training time for the Balloons and that is very close to what I have at the Spell Factory. Also, if I keep them queued up in my Barracks while doing my searching and making an attack, they will have a head start in training time which saves me a few more minutes for my next attack.
  4. Boosting the Heroes? This depends on how I use them. If I try to save them or minimize the 40 Minutes training time, I would try to start without boosting. The decision is up to you (and your Gem balance of course).


You see that on “ordinary days” and with these kind of setups, boosting everything isn’t necessary. I can understand that all the calculating is awkward in the beginning but it can really save you some Gems in the end.
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