Sunday, June 7, 2015

Boosting correctly for Farming (Boosting Part 1)

You got some Gems you would like to spend? All of us now that boosting is the most efficient way of spending Gems in Clash of Clans, but boosting isn’t just boosting everything. I have prepared a mini-series of 3 parts when you should boost what kind of buildings to use your Gems in the best possible way. This is the first part which will cover farming with BAM or BARCH.

Why not boosting everything?

If you just boost all of your buildings this might cost you 20 Gems (Dark Barracks), 40 Gems (Barracks), 10 Gems (Spell Factory) and 20 Gems (Heroes) which adds up to a total of 90 Gems for 2 hours of fun (4x faster training/production/regeneration). Now the central question is: do you really need to boost all of it?

Boosting correctly for hard Farming

Let’s have a look at your troops composition, which could be either BAM or BARCH so we have an average creation time of 15 Minutes depending on your housing space in your Army Camps. What’s the best Boosting-Strategy for you int his case? Boosting your Spell Factory isn’t really a topic because if your farming with BAM or BARCH composition you only have Lightning Spells in your pocket for the worst cases (49% destruction or bad luck with Clan Castle troops) and your Heroes are also only for the finish (see here about the BARCH tactic and how you can prevent that you need to boost your Heroes in this post about optimize your Heroes regeneration time). The interesting part I have noticed is that you have to search for a couple of minutes until you find an acceptable base to attack and then you have the 2- minutes of fighting time. Within that time your Training Queue in your Barracks is still worked on so you will have a realistic training time of about 10 Minutes.
Clash-of-Clans-ful-boosted-army-camp-farming Clash of Clans ful boosted army camp farming
We’re talking about hard farming which means only resources matter and trophies doesn’t. In this case you will not always spend all your troops within an attack and have some leftover. If using BAM I only boost 1 Dark Barrack (with the Minions) and 2 Barracks (one with Barbarians and one with Archers) so I only have boosting costs of 30 Gems for 2 hours and only sometimes I have to wait for some minutes which I completely accept for saving so much Gems.
At a glance:
  • Only boost 1 Dark Barrack and 2 Barracks (30 Gems total)
  • No Hero Boosting
  • No Spell Boosting
  • Don’t use all your troops, only those necessary for getting the resources
From my latest experiences you can get up to 4-5 Million resources in these 2 hours, depending how the loot situation is. The next part of this mini-series will bring you the “Ordinary Day” Boosting and the 3rd part will cover the Trophy Pushing.

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