Sunday, June 7, 2015

Best Trophy Range for Farming

We’ve learned a lot about farming – what troop combinations are useful to farm with that almost have no downtime or how to check where the loot is through visual indication; but what can you do with that information when you are farming when you’re in the wrong trophy range at the wrong time? Find out here how you can find your best Trophy Range for Farming!

The Basics of Trophy Ranges in Clash of Clans

When you hit the “Attack” button, you will get matched against other players – not based on Town Hall level or anything else – purely based on your trophy level. This means your trophy count decides who you will get matched against. You want to be matched against players you can loot with the troops you can create easily. Nobody is really farming with all Dragons – that would somehow cut the profit, right? Well here are the raw ranges you should farm in, depending on your Town Hall level:
  • Town Hall 3 and below: 500 and under
  • Town Hall 4: 500-700
  • Town Hall 5: 700-900
  • Town Hall 6: 900-1100 1000-1200
  • Town Hall 7: 1100-1300 1200-1500
  • Town Hall 8: 1300-1500 1600-1800
  • Town Hall 9: 1500-2000 1700-2400
  • Town Hall 10: 1900 and above 2200 and above
UPDATE (December 2014): I corrected the Trophy Ranges for Farming because the League Bonus changes of the Halloween 2014 Update have a bigger impact on loot now while the overall loot situation dried out a little bit.
Don’t try to fall down to the sub-200 trophy range. I know lots of people say there is a paradise, but there isn’t anymore. There used to be a time when all of the abandoned bases stayed in the matching queue so you could easily farm the full collectors there. Nowadays there are only farming Town Hall 10 Clashes waiting to find some careless farmers in order to completely 3-star them.

How to Maintain Your Desired Trophy Range for Farming

Maintaining your trophy range isn’t very easy, especially when you are doing BARCH or BAM attacks because most of the times you will not win and you will lose 15-30 trophies. Using a very quick-producing troop setup makes you drop between 200 and 400 trophies in one hour if you are lucky on attacks (finding outside collectors you can take out with half your army). Doing this will make you drop out of your desired trophy range quickly and only find bases with lower Town Halls, therefore giving you a deduction of loot which doesn’t provide enough loot to make up for your time.
You can also make stronger armies and do a little trophy pushing if you want to, but there is also an easy trick I do use very often to accomplish the same thing:
Just put one of your Elixir Storages and/or your Mines and Collectors completely outside (or very easily reachable) while you put your Town Hall inside. This is only worth doing if your Storages aren’t bursting full, especially after you just bought something expensive. What will happen is: lots of farmers will attack those buildings with some troops, but end the fight immediately afterwards, which will earn you 100-150 trophies in one night. Some of you will see this as a waste of Elixir, but what exactly does a whole army for a solid trophy push cost?
Try it out, you can start with just making a huge plate with all your Collectors and Mines and just see how it works. Otherwise, you’ll have to push yourself back to the best trophy range.
UPDATE (December 2014): Now that the overall loot situation was getting worst it is very important that you get at least 1 star in a attack. Supercell increased the League Bonus dramatically to make up for the loot situation. Keeping your desired Trophy Range for Farming is more important than ever!

Farming is Not Just About Trophy Range
I often hear people complaining about how bad the loot is when they raid. This can be solved simply: you should just stay in those trophy ranges – they are the best. Sometimes the loot is bad in those ranges, but just because someone found one or two lucky punches doesn’t mean everything changed. What’s also very important is what time it is – watch the time when you are playing Clash of Clans. I assume you wake up and check up shortly what’s going on in the clan and then you collect your resources before you go to school/work wherever. Within that short time you will barely check in and raid a few times, but in the evening you will start raiding most often. Most people do that also, so you can be sure that within that timeframe, the loot is lower than average, but Clash of Clans is played all over the world.
Although it’s true that Clash if played everywhere, but most of the players are in regions called UTC, according to a report about the paler density in Clash of Clans I have seen:
  • UTC & UTC+1: Central Europe
  • UTC+7 & UTC+8: China, Southeast Asia
  • UTC-5 to UTC-8: Middle- & North America
Now how do you find the best raiding times for you? Take those time-zones and translate them to your time-zone and prevent farming when most of them have 7-8 a.m. or 8-10 p.m. (including your time-zone if you live in one of them obviously). You will have to try a little bit harder, but if you invest one or two hours of boosting your Barracks to farm like crazy, you will want to do it during the best time and not just jump through all trophy levels because of some rumors.
I hope this helped you. I definitely will not see a dramatic drop in loot in my trophy range that’s for sure.

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