Monday, June 8, 2015

Barbarian King Defending Outside His Range

It has been brought to my attention that there is a glitch in Clan Wars with the Barbarian King and Hog Riders – credit for spotting this goes to The Cook from the clan Silky Smooth. I have done some researching lately and have found out that it’s not as bad as reported, but it’s indeed an uncommon behavior. In this post, I would like to explain how it works, why it happens, and how you can use this information for your attacks (and defenses).

The Barbarian King is Attacking Outside of His Defending Range – Glitch?

If we take a look at the Barbarian King we can see his range:

Barbarian King radius defending Clash of Clans Clan War Barbarian King glitch

When when we look at this screenshot of the replay you can see that the Barbarian King (orange) is clearly out of his range (green), but is still attacking the Hog Rider:

Barbarian King attacking Hog Rider outside his range Clash of Clans Clan War Barbarian King glitch out of range

How can this be explained? Well the Hog Riders attack the base in a regular way and the Barbarian King waits to attack, like he should, until they enter his range. When the Hog Riders are in range, he becomes aggravated and starts attacking them, but the Hog Riders are always too fast for the Barbarian King. Although the Hog Riders leave his defensive range, he will continue to chase the Hog Riders to their next next target and start damaging them.
In the regular case of using Hog Riders that everyone knows it isn’t that big of a problem when the Barbarian King attacks them because he is only able to kill a few Hog Riders until they leave his range and later return to kill him. In this “glitching” case, the AI of the Barbarian King in a very obvious way shows his range of aggression is only caught inside his range – but once caught, he will follow the very unit until it’s gone. In the case of the Hog Riders, this is taking longer than it normally would for Archers or Giants.

So Is This Really a Glitch?

To prove if this is a glitch or not, I did make some additional attacks outside from Clan Wars and here are the results:
In the first case I used a Hog Rider-only attack in a regular raid and you can see that the Barbarian King also attacks outside his range:

Hog Rider get attacked outside their range from Barbarian King Clash of Clans Clan War Barbarian King attacking outside his range

Now I used another attempt to prove the glitch/bug where I trained a ton of Golems and sent them into a base with a Barbarian King on the very outside edge to get his attention quickly:

Barbarian King versus Golem Clash of Clans Clan War Barbarian King attacking outside his range Golem

You can see that the Barbarian King follows the Golemite outside of his range until it dies. No further aggression or anything from him after his target got down.

No, Barbarian King! – But How is This Now Helpful on Defense?

So this post simply shows how important it is to place your Heroes in your base as centered as you can. When you do this, they can take aggression for a very long time, or in the case of the Hog Riders : again and again and again.
Edited by: Kyle Toombs

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