Saturday, June 27, 2015

AntiVoteKick - BlackShot Garena

Hello all, there is my new release AntiVoteKick / VoteSpam Hack.

This hack is compatible with 64bits user only.
Tested on Windows 8 64bits 10min in game.

Important / Tutorial

- Disable your firewall /antivirus , and close programs like cheat engine before start.
- Do not rename or edit the DLL or the Loader file, and keep both files at same folder.
- Pls run Loader only after enter on any game server, when you are in game lobby .
- Do not run it while game load or anything like, because gameguard will detect !

The hack is auto-on, just remember to follow the instructions above and always run as admin !

Hack Interface / Info

- If the hack was successfully injected you will see something like this . Remember it work only for 64bits.

- If Loader or DLL file is edited / corrupted or not found u will see something like or simply program auto-close.

- If BlackShot is not running or program is unable to open process u will see something like this.

Know Bugs / Errors

- Sometimes you will open vote to kick yourself, so try relog on other slot in room.
- Sometimes after host change you need restart the vote manually by f12 game menu.
- Most of the times if the people are you spam vote leave of the room or got booted, you maybe not able to open new vote again.
- GameGuard detection / game auto-close : random and rarely.


-Original Address by Nimja
-Updated Address / Hack Method / Loader and Hack by me.
-Some code snippets from the internet.

Download Now

'' does not host any of the files mentioned on this blog. This blog only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users in ramleague.netand more. I don't create cheat I don't know anything about coding. Using cheat may ban your account permanently. Use at your own risk!