Saturday, June 27, 2015

AntiVoteKick - BlackShot Garena

Hello all, there is my new release AntiVoteKick / VoteSpam Hack.

This hack is compatible with 64bits user only.
Tested on Windows 8 64bits 10min in game.

Important / Tutorial

- Disable your firewall /antivirus , and close programs like cheat engine before start.
- Do not rename or edit the DLL or the Loader file, and keep both files at same folder.
- Pls run Loader only after enter on any game server, when you are in game lobby .
- Do not run it while game load or anything like, because gameguard will detect !

The hack is auto-on, just remember to follow the instructions above and always run as admin !

Hack Interface / Info

- If the hack was successfully injected you will see something like this . Remember it work only for 64bits.

- If Loader or DLL file is edited / corrupted or not found u will see something like or simply program auto-close.

- If BlackShot is not running or program is unable to open process u will see something like this.

Know Bugs / Errors

- Sometimes you will open vote to kick yourself, so try relog on other slot in room.
- Sometimes after host change you need restart the vote manually by f12 game menu.
- Most of the times if the people are you spam vote leave of the room or got booted, you maybe not able to open new vote again.
- GameGuard detection / game auto-close : random and rarely.


-Original Address by Nimja
-Updated Address / Hack Method / Loader and Hack by me.
-Some code snippets from the internet.

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