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Anti Lavaloonion Base Designs and Tactics

I’ve been pushing to Champions League recently and after checking my Defense Log I see the big majority of attacks against my base have been Lavaloonion or Lavaloon attacks. While the Lavahounds haven’t been very popular when they got introduced almost half a year ago they now are the most used attacking style in the Master League and above. In this post I want to show you how you can harden your base against LavaLoonion attacks and in the end I will show you my own base design which works great against LavaLoonion.

What’s so special about LavaLoonion

I don’t want to use this post to make an attacking post on how you should use Lavaloonion (coming very soon!) but in order to give you a view on a defensive tactic I need to outline how the attack works when done correctly:
  1. 4 Lava Hounds are sent against 2 Air Defenses to take out all Air Traps and tank all the damage
  2. Right after there are 16 to 20 Balloons that will start clearing up the Defenses (in general supported by 2 Rage Spells)
  3. Right after the Minions you will see the Minions coming in and they start clearing the left over buildings (they also benefit from the Rage Spells
  4. Normally you then see 2 Freeze Spells giving either the Lava Hounds more time when they’re still alive or protecting the Balloons
Like I said this will only be a very rough description of this attacking style and now let’s see what we’re able to do against them. Just to be clear here’s a good video from the AllClash Featured Youtube channel OneHive Labs:

Check out the channel here and subscribe!
Disclaimer: When done correctly there is almost no way to prevent losing 1 Star but only 1% of all attackers really mastered this attacking style so far – most attackers only copied the LavaLoonion instructions from YouTube videos but don’t really turn them into their attacks. These are the attackers you can get Trophies from with the tips from this post!

How to defend against LavaLoonion / PentaLoon?

Remember I mentioned in the beginning I will show you some tactics first and then show some base designs? If you’re only looking for a solid base design please don’t skip to the end of the post – it’s important you understand what makes a good LavaLoonion base design work and everyone else can get some tips to improve your base designs without having to change it completely.

Never place the Town Hall next to Defenses

Balloons have splash damage so they will also damage structures next to the target they are hitting. When they come to your core and attack the Defenses next to the Town Hall you might risk they will destroy your Town Hall as well.
balloons-destroy-town-hall-lavaloonian-1 balloons destroy town hall lavaloonian 1

One second later

:balloons-destroy-town-hall-lavaloonian-2 balloons destroy town hall lavaloonian 2

Heroes matter!

Have at least your Archer Queen in defensive mode in center or the core. She will do some significant damage until the Balloons override her, but be careful and place her out of the area of the Inferno Towers so they can’t get stunned by a Freeze Spell together!

Place Seeking Air Mines and Air Bombs correctly against LavaLoonion

This one is a very important part. You have to place your Air Traps right because you want the Seeking Air Mines to take down the Lava Hounds as fast as possible and you don’t want to waste your Air Bombs on them. For doing that you will need to do some research in your own Defensive Log – make a list from all past attacks from what side the most attacks are started and use 2 Seeking Air Mines on each of the most attacked Air Defenses.

lavaloonion trap placement seeking air mine versus lava hounds

I know you will not get lucky all the time but when you do you have destroyed the Lava Hounds so quick your attacker will not get that victory. Also, keep in mind that a lost defense with 1 Star only costs you one third of what you get from a successful defense – mathematically you only have to be lucky 1 out of 3 times with that to break even and if you research enough in your Defense Log you will hit them 2 our of 3 times!

lava-pups-go-nuts lava pups go nuts

The Air Bombs are harder so place them somewhere behind the Air Defenses so they will not get triggered by the Lava Hounds. I know this sounds like a waste but when the Lava Hounds trigger them it’s only a waste of re-arm costs! When the Lava Hound explodes you will at least get some Pups down.

Build line of Defenses against Balloons

Most people focus on getting everything they can against the Lava Hounds but the Balloons are your real problem because they do massive damage – the only cards you can play against them is splash damage and the fact that they’re pretty slow. Never out your Wizard Towers that much outside so they attack the Lava Hounds while the Balloons are moving in – raged Balloons are unstoppable so try to get the Wizard Towers in a space where they start attacking the Balloons once the Lava Hounds are killed.

anti lavaloonion base design help defending against lavaloonion base design

Maybe you need to switch them around a little bit just to see how they work out in different spaces – bottom line I will promise they will bring you a big benefit when you have them in the right spot.
Additional please prevent too many Defenses standing directly next to each other – like mentioned before raged Balloons are just going nuts over them and with the splash damage they deal they simply take out 5-6 Defenses in no-time

lavaloonion base design mistake coe base mistakes against lavaloonion

Rather try to leave spaces in between or fill up with Storages:

defense against lavaloonion best lavaloonion defense base

You don’t want to see them getting destroyed in a blink of an eye in your defense replay. Also Storages are great to hold back Minions for a while and hope other Defenses can take them out before they move into your core.

The Clan Castle defense

You will also need your Clan Castle Troops to defend and I personally like troops like Wizards in there the best. Why? Simply because Clan Castle Troops normally just get wiped out by the Balloons splash damage so I like the Wizards taking on the Lava Hounds while they target Air Defenses. It’s not essential to have Wizards but they really help most. Also have your Clan Castle centralized – but I don’t think I have to mention that specifically.

Air Defense placement against Lava Hounds and Balloons

I experimented a lot which works out best and I can only warn you to go by the easy guess and place the Air Defenses near the core! What will happen when they’re near the core? The Lava Hounds will take on them while the Balloons are coming afterwards and like I mentioned before you have to use the slow movement speed of Balloons against them – when they get near the core there isn’t that much space in between them so they get destroyed faster. If your attacker knows what to do he will simply use a third Rage Spell on the center and a Freeze Spell and your Air Defenses are lost and you can only watch him 3-star your base.

air-defense-placement-lavaloonion air defe se placement lavaloonion

The best is to have them cover each other but still have a certain space in between – by doing this you can make sure the attackers troops can’t unleash their deadly power in a single area but have to split up.

The big Inferno Tower question against LavaLoonion

There’s a simple rule when you’re in front of the decision whether to set your Inferno Towers to Single- or Multi-Mode – if you want attackers to 3-star your base set them to Single-Mode. The reason here’s the same as in the earlier sections. The Single-Mode Inferno Tower will be a killer for the Lava Hounds but after that they are useless because they will target all the Pups one by one while the Balloons start tearing down your base. When the Pups are killed the Balloons have progressed that much so the Inferno Tower will also target them one by one.

inferno-tower-balloons inferno tower balloons

The Inferno Towers in Multi-Mode are killing the Balloons and the Pups very fast and the attacker will have to use Freeze Spells correctly to stop them preventing his victory. Now you only have to place your Inferno Towers far enough apart from each other so the attacker needs to place 2 Freeze Spells instead of freezing them together.

Anti LavaLoonion Base Designs for Spring 2015

You don’t want to rebuild your base on your own but you’re sick getting crushed by LavaLoonion? Fine, take mine.

TH10 Anti LavaLoonion Base Designs for Champions League

Here’s my design I use in the Champions League right now:

best-2015-anti-lavaloonion-base-design ultimate th10 anti lavaloonion base design

  • I know I live in danger that Balloons might “accidentally” destroy my Town Hall but I see no other way to get my core redesigned
  • Defending Archer Queen in the core
  • Seeking Air Mines double-pack next to the upper Air Defenses as about 75% of all attacks come from there (teasing with the Town Hall)
  • No big groups of Defenses so the Balloons will have to travel the whole distance
  • Air Defense cover area but also quite away from each other (never lost more than 2 of them)
  • Inferno Towers on Multi-Mode next to my desired Air Defenses – the double Seeking Air Mines will take the Lava Hounds out quite fast and they will then deal with the Pups and Balloons asap and can’t get Freeze Spelled at once

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