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Anti Clan War Spy Tactics

Just saying this in advance – I gathered some really great ideas for posts about Clan War, so this week you can expect some heavy but not exclusively Clan War tactics posts. I will finish this off with a great and very secret advanced tactic you will just love. I also did update the Clan War Bases for winners posting with some really great War Bases I found, so please check them out if you are looking for a solid War Base setup. We will start this with a posting about how you can prevent getting spied out by a Clan War Spy.

Why Should You Care about a Clan War Spy?

This idea isn’t new, but I have seen that it happens to become an even more common tactic lots of clans use during Clan Wars. The basic idea is that someone who is not fighting in the Clan War moves to your clan and spies out pretty much anything they can. They will take screenshots of your War Bases on the Battle Map so their clan can see exactly where your Hidden Teslas and your Traps are placed and maybe even what troops you have in your Clan Castle. This is a huge advantage for your enemy – a huge disadvantage for you.

Preventing Clan War Spies

Close your clan! In the very moment the Clan War Matchmaking gets started you should close the clan so you have to accept new members manually – tell everyone in the clan that they may not accept new members no matter what. Many clans are pretty active in Clan Wars, but also want to recruit new members constantly, so this is a method that will decrease your amount of clan members over time.
If your clan is not very end game related (mainly TH9+TH10 members) you will face a lower risk of getting spied out and I think you can have more open doors. Sending a Clan War Spy has become very common these days as a lot of War Bonus can be made in a Clan War. Just close your clan and right after your clan gets matched against another clan you go there yourself and take screenshots of all the members in that clan. Now you can check every new applicant who wants to join during the Clan War if he/she was member in your opponent’s clan before. Sometimes they use alternative accounts so you should not accept very low player because it might be someone’s second account he/she uses for spying on you.
However, spying is not an exploit and we all know that there are no laws in war, so you can also do it yourself – if you manage to sleep with the moralic decision 😉 You see that it is very hard to prevent spying at all, but if you really have the assumption that you get spied out almost all the time, you should do more than just rejecting everyone and see your clan getting smaller and smaller. It also wouldn’t be very nice to create an environment in your clan where new members are potential spies.

Clan War Spy Clash of Clans how to win all clan wars

If you want to be successful in Clan War you have to prevent getting spied out

Counter-Spy Tactics

What about if someone thinks he/she knows all of your War Bases, makes attacking plans, but suddenly everything is changed? This is a very progressed tactic, but if you know that there is a spy that wants to join your clan just let him/her do this and then replace your Traps. About one hour before the preparation Day will end, you kick the spy out and just move your Traps to the regular position and expect your attacker to be surprised. This can also be used if you think that there was a spy – someone new joined shortly after your clans got matched up, asks some questions a new player would ask, and then suddenly leaves the clan after some time or starts insulting/cursing out of nowhere.
I know that this is very time consuming, so you should only do this if your whole clan is very passionate about Clan Wars. You can even go that far to make a dummy War Base you will change shortly before the War starts and after the spy gets kicked out. It’s always up to you how far you are going to bring this whole game, but we all know that the loot gets thinner and thinner while Clan Wars offer great loot with the War Bonus you can get.
In addition, I can also recommend this post on how to win almost every clan war without spying around. Do you have something you would like to add about spying in Clan Wars? Go ahead and leave a comment :) simple smile

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