Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anti BARCH base layout

I recently checked what keywords were being searched, and I noticed that there was a keyword arising very often lately – Anti BARCH base layout. BARCH and BAM is attacking with Barbarians and Archers or Barbarians, Archers and Minions, and has always been some kind of poor cousin in Clash of Clans. The funny thing is that I was checking my defense logs and have have also noticed that I have been getting BARCHed lot lately. I would have assume that this was a result of the introduction of Archers and Barbarians level 7, and now Supercell has tried to balance this a little bit with the addition of a fourth Mortar. For the first time on Clash of Clans, we have to serious talk about an Anti-BARCH base design and this is what we’re going to do here.

clash-of-clans-anti-barching-defense-log clash of clans anti barching defense log1

What makes a base design an Anti-BARCH design

First, I thought about making this part of the “Building the ultimate base” series, but then I decided not to do this for one good reason – we’re not doing a new layout, we’ll modify our current base layout without changing too much of it.

We! Need! Splash!

When I’m trying to do something, I always take a deep breath and try to focus on the facts. In this case, we need Barbarians and Archers worst nightmares when it comes to defensive possibilities we have. So, I point out Mortars, Wizard Towers and Small Bombs/Giant Bombs. I wouldn’t be TimmyEatWorld, and you wouldn’t be on AllClash, if I said something like “just put them outside”. Like I said, I don’t want to create a new layout; I want to make your existing layout good enough to stand up against BARCH. So, I will give my thoughts on how you can use these defenses against BARCH:
Mortars: I see lots of bases that want to integrate the new fourth Mortar into their design, and I would say like 93% of these bases have the Mortars almost exclusively in the innermost core. This was an instinct all of us developed early in Clash of Clans when we first faced Mortars – they wipe out the early troops we have, so we get very scared of them. Actually, Mortars lose a lot of their threat later in the game when troops have more health and they only stay very very threatening for Barbarians and Archers. Giants aren’t impressed by Mortars, Hog Riders only in early stages, P.E.K.K.A. and Golems…. you see where this is going.

clash-of-clans-anti-barching-mortar-placement clash of clans anti barching mortar placement

So, is there a real need to have all of your Mortars in the inner core? Yes, you will destroy all of the Barbarians, Goblins and Archers in seconds if they enter their radius. The bad thing is when they will enter the inner core, they have already destroyed 40%+ of your village. I had to overcome this urge of having the mortars in the inner core and I placed my Mortars more outside. I never regretted this decision since. You can also use Decoration Funneling on them very nicely as well. You don’t necessarily have to expose the mortars, just consider placing them a little more outside – besides, this will maybe solve your 4 Mortar problem? They will get destroyed more often, but the heck with it! I rather get my Mortars destroyed than my village and lose trophies!
Wizard Towers: They don’t deal very high splash damage, but they do shoot fast and they will always hit their target. Mortars will miss some shots because they shoot slowly, and also the projectile need some time to travel. Also, Wizard Towers have no dead eye radius, so you can place them pretty much directly behind your outside Walls (see screenshot above).
Small Bombs: I’m not using Small Bombs that much for real funneling. I’d rather place them next to wall corners to possibly get some Wallbreakers, or spread them outside so a pack of Archers might walk into it. It’s not crucial, but if you don’t want to place your Mortars and Wizard Towers outside, maybe you can stop them with the Bombs.
Giant Bombs: Now it’s getting controversial. Actually, I prefer to reserve my Giant Bombs for Hog Riders, but since they really seem to be more rare lately, I have placed them more outside. Nothing is more effective than 40 Barbarians being blown up by a Giant Bomb. If you’re getting Hog Rider attacks constantly, maybe its because you don’t have any Multi-target Inferno Towers, and you should really consider that if possible. Without Hog Riders greeting your Giant Bombs, BARCH will just be a minor problem – they have the nasty habit of destroying your base completely. Maybe BARCH isn’t that big deal after all 😀
PS: Next time when I make a post about how anybody can get into the Champions League, I will consider if this leads to something like this 😉
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