Sunday, June 21, 2015

AmazingMenu v1.1 by kanersps (Lua Mod Menu) Working 1.27 /w Online Player Options!

AwesomeMenu v1.1
[More stable version of D3rpy's menu by kanersps]

ScriptHookV with Online Check Removed (Download Here)

1. Make sure you have no outdated or other version of GTALua installed.
2. Place all the files from the .rar into your GTA 5 directory where your bypassed ScriptHookV is.
3. Start GTA 5 and load single player first.
4. Join and online session and press F8 to activate the menu.
5. Enjoy!

- Online players
- Cash drop(40k)
- Vehicle gun
- God mode
- Unlimited ammo
- Advanced bodyguard system
- Vehicle god
- Vehicle upgrade
- Vehicle fix/key
- Vehicle jump
- Vehicle boost
- Pop tyres of people
- Freeze players
- Spawn animated stripper
- Water/fire hydrant and huge explode people
- Seatbelt
- Disable radio
- TP people to you
- TP to waypoint
- 20+ set teleport locations
- Instant kill
- No ragdoll
- No cops

Open: F8
Move through menu: Numpad controls
Move through teleport list pages: Numpad 4 and 6
Go back: Numpad 0
Vehicle jump: Numpad 7
Vehicle boost: Numpad 1
Vehicle fix: Numpad 3


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