Monday, June 8, 2015

AllClash Featured Farming Base Design Town Hall 9 (The Scarab)

Welcome to a brand new series here on AllClash – the AllClash Weekly Featured Base Design by DJBattleShip. Every Saturday, there will be a new and exclusive layout from AllClash newly designated Base Design Expert, DJBattleShip, showing you layouts from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 10 with War Bases, Hybrid Bases, Farming Bases.
Not only will you find solid and thought out layouts, you’ll also get some explanations about the Trap placements so you can understand how the base design will work. I have seen DJBattleShip’s work and I really like what he is doing, so I’m very glad to welcome him on-board here and hope he will share his layouts with us for a very long time. If you use his base designs, please mind that he has spent a lot of time designing them and please leave at least a short comment to thank him. That’s all from my side so I will leave the rest to DJBattleShip.
You can find all of DJBattleShips Base Designs here.

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Layout

Here, you can see the layout of the base without the buildings. This makes it easier to recreate the base design yourself:
Wall design of a Town Hall 9 Farming Base layout Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Farming LayoutYou can see that the center offers space for the two most important buildings – the Clan Castle and the Dark Elixir Storage. In the next layer, there will be space for the two X-Bows and Gold Storages, and I also want the Air Defenses more inside, so it will be harder for Dragons to crack the base completely.

Town Hall 9 Farming Base Traps and Buildings

Now, let’s have a look how the base looks when finished including all the Traps: Town Hall 9 Farming Base showing with buildings and Traps Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Farming Base 4 MortarsOne important feature of the base is that you can switch Elixir and Gold Storages around, depending on which of them you want to protect in that situation. You might ask yourself why the Hidden Teslas are placed outside. They will pop up so that defense focused units will gather there and then move towards the Elixir Storage in one group, making the Traps even more effective:
Showing the Trap Funnel of the Town Hall 9 Farming Base Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Farming Base Trap Funnel
I hope you like this first base design and if you have questions, please place them in the comments. The next base layout will be featured next week. Stay tuned!
You can find all of DJBattleShips Base Designs here.
Edited by: StTroyIII

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