Monday, June 8, 2015

A guide how to use spells best

Spells are way more than just an enhancement for your attack – they are essential. You have to know when you have to use what Spell in combination with your troops to make a victory happen or otherwise just waste your Elixir for some colorful graphic effects.

How to use Spell in general

No matter what Spell you use there are some general things you should mind:
  • Never put Spells where troops are (no matter if using them on Clan Castle troops or your own) but put them where the troops will be as Spell always have a placement until active time of about 1 second
  • Never stack them! Two Rage Spells at the same place are useless and mind that the Rage Ability of your Barbarian King is also a Rage Spell. You will also have no use from two Healing Spell at the same place etc.
  • Don’t use them if they don’t bring any use – a Lightning Spell on the Town Hall or a Golem/Dragon is almost useless so just don’t do that
  • Spells don’t attract troops so don’t think your troops will go where you drop your Jump Spell or Healing Spell

Lightning Spell

The Lightning Spell is your first Spell and you can use it for different strategies:
  1. Stealing Dark Elixir from Storages (I had a post on that a couple of weeks ago – Become a Dark Elixir Billionaire)
  2. Zapping Mortars out of your way if they are in the center of the base
  3. Getting rid of Clan Castle troops – but take care that they are in a group where you can get them all at once
  4. Destroying a last Builders Hut if you have 49% of the enemy base destroyed
As you see this Spell is a all-rounder and you can use it for any kind of troops setup.

Using Lightning Spells in Clash of Clans clash of clans lightning spell zapping air defense
Using a Lightning Spell to take down an Air Defense

Healing Spell

Use can use this Spell to keep your troops alive but I only recommend that to use it on Giants or Hog Riders as I never had very good experience using it for Goblins or other small HP troops. I recommend you dropping it when they just reach a building to heal them up as far as possible.

Rage Spell

You will get the most out of that Spell from slow units dealing big damage such as Dragons, P.E.K.K.As or also Balloons. Be care ful if you combine them with a Healing Spell as it makes your troops faster and you can easily drop it on troop empty space. Did you know that the Rage Spell also makes your Healers heal more? Not a good strategy but a nice trivia :) simple smile

Jump Spell

Jump Spells have been reworked so they attract your Troops to go where the Spell is. You can not only use this Spell to get your Troops over Walls – you can also use it to get ykour Troops into the inside core when they are just about to go around the base.
I’m currently working on a more detailed guide for the Jump Spell.

Freeze Spell

The Freeze Spell is the most common Spell used in the Top 100 player area to freeze the center with the Infernal Towers in the GoWiPe or GoWiWi strategy. It also freezes Clan Castle troops so you can take one of them with you but I recommend that to be used together with Healing Spells on Giants or Golems.

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