Monday, June 8, 2015

A Guide for the Barbarian Kings special ability (Iron Fist)

After I gave you some hints how you can use your Archer Queen and your Barbarian King in attacks I want to have a closer look on their special Abilities today. I mean I want to show you what situations are perfect for using them.

The Barbarian Kings Iron Fist

The Iron Fist summons some Barbarians and heals the Barbarian King but it will also give the Barbarian King a Rage which affects all troops within the radius. Alright, not that we talked about this we can start with situations where the Iron Fist will change everything.

Situation 1: Max the Barbarians Kings lifetime

This is mostly used when you send in the Barbarian King first to clean some surrounding buildings. You can easily watch him and when he lost about 1/3 of his life you start it so he will have more health and can destroy some more buildings.

Clash-of-Clans-Archer-Queen-supporting-Barbarian-King-happy-end Clash of Clans Archer Queen supporting Barbarian King happy end

You can also use this when your Barbarian King is in the middle of the attack and you’re not doing much than just watching your troops destroy because there are no Spells and Troops left to deploy. Always keep in mind that you have to wait because the healing should get used completely and this is only possible if the Barbarian King already lost 1/3 of his health.
Special hint from me: If an attack is lost or you already got what you wanted and you want to surrender you should always activate the Iron Fist before you surrender so you will save some regeneration time (see here in this post about optimizing your Heroes regeneration time more details about this)

Situation 2: Climbing the last rock

There are situation where your troops are wiped out faster than you can watch them. Suddenly there’s only your barbarian King left to deploy (happens often if you choose to use BARCH for trophy hunting). Bad you have like 42% and some buildings left but your Barbarian King is so slow and lazy and doesn’t deal enough damage etc.

clash-of-clans-use-iron-fist-to-get-a-star clash of clans use iron fist to get a star

Never underestimate the Iron Fist. The damage boost is huge and also (like a Rage Spell) will give the Barbarian King a nice damage boost. Also with the additional troops summoned he should get you the last buildings destroyed.

clash-of-clans-use-iron-fist-to-get-a-star-2 clash of clans use iron fist to get a star 2

Situation 3: It’s not always about the King

In the last situation we won’t focus on the King himself – we will only take his best part: the Iron Fist Rage. If you use him in the middle of a group of Barbarians they will also be affected by his Rage (attention: only the Barbarians). This is also for regular deployed Barbarians and not exclusively for the summoned Barbarians. Just release it in the middle of a group of Barbarians and see what happens (something your opponent will call “F***!” while watching the replay).
Have you some other situations you use it? Please let me know in the comments – also be prepared for the 2nd part with the Archer Queens Royal Cloak.

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