Monday, June 8, 2015

A Guide for the Archer Queens special ability (Royal Cloak)

Let’s finish our little Heroes post session today with the last one – using the Archer Queens Royal Cloak. Have you already checked out yesterdays post about the Barbarian Kings Iron Fist? You should if you haven’t.
First let’s have a look at the Royal Cloak ant what it’s doing to the Archer Queen. First of all it will heal the Queen which is more important because she doesn’t have nearly that much health points as the Barbarian King. Secondly it will also summon Archers and hide the Archer Queen for a few seconds so defensive buildings will focus on other troops. Last but not least she will get a huge increase in damage so she can easily destroy (depending on her level) a Town Hall in a few shots.

Situation 1: Saving a Queens life

You will see the Archer Queen dropping in health very fast because she simply has much less health than the Barbarian King. The healing effect of the Royal Cloak is much more effective and critical for her than for the Barbarian King.

clash-of-clans-royal-cloak-healing-ability clash of clans royal cloak healing ability

Also you can see her not getting any further damage because she will disappear for the defensive buildings and they will focus on other troops, back to start if you use that in the right moment. I recommend you to closely look at the Archer Queens health and also how fast she is dropping (is there damage from 2 Archer Towers or are there 5 defensive buildings shooting at her?) to get the right time. It’s about after she lost at least 1/3 of her health but be careful: waiting one second to long can cost you your Archer Queens life which is very annoying because you don’t have her damage (and you waisted a lot of it without the Royal Cloak) and you will have to wait until she fully regenerates.

Situation 2: Kamikaze destruction

This is more a situation for either the last attack of the session or the “typical” situation of a leftover Town Hall and a dead army. The Archer Queen is able to deal a massive load of damage while her special ability is activated – let’s call this hit and run:

clash-of-clans-royal-cloak-hit-and-run clash of clans royal cloak hit and run

The bad thing about this is that she will probably die so you should really use this tactic wisely and only if you’re sure it will get you your desire:
  • Destroy a Town Hall and make a win/get additional star
  • Destroy a nice filled Gold Storage/Dark Elixir Storage
You can also just do it on other situations when you know you’ll go to bed after this attack, but keep in mind that someone will attack your base while you sleep (you just raided, no shields here) and maybe you want to see here defending instead of regenerating – your choice.

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