Saturday, June 6, 2015

[6/6/15] PolyGreenHack - GlowESP/Aim/Trigger

PolyGreenHack v1.1

Features :
Force Aim
Panic Key

Requirements :
Microsoft Visual Studio
Merccy's Poly Loader v2.0

Instructions :
1. Open Polyloader, and select your hack file (.zip)
2. Compile the hack
3. Open CS:GO
4. Execute PolyGreenHack
5. Set your hotkeys
6. Test that the compile worked in a casual deathmatch
7. Have fun, and don't get OW'd!

Credits :
Merccy - Radar/Glow ESP/PolyLoader
Puddin Poppin - Aim/Trigger
Blueblood - Original "merger" of the hacks
ZeusNet (Me) - Updating and fixing offsets

Virus Scans :
VirusTotal [0/57]
Jotti [0/22]

In Game Screen :

Q : My hack is not compiling correctly, why?
A : Sometimes the program will compile incorrectly. Just recompile again, and try again, which is why I said test it in a casual deathmatch.
It takes me 3 to 5 times to get a valid compile sometimes, so bear with me here.
Q: "Insert hack here" isn't working. Fix please?
A: Just let me know what isn't working for you, and I will take a look at it.
Keep in mind that I am not always on here, so do not post more than once.
Q: I love "insert hack here". Can you please add that in here?
A: This is a hard one to answer. If you want something put in, your best bet is to put it in yourself. If you can not, you can feel free to PM me, AFTER I respond to you on the thread. If it is in another poly, there is a good chance I will take the time to add it, as long as enough people want it.

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