Friday, May 15, 2015

Ufuse 4X4 Trainer V1.1 | ONLINE Hack Menu! Spawn/max everything and even more! 1.26/4

Another Hack menu for Singelplayer/online. Works on patch 1.24/26, use the online bypass which is included to play online!

Installation Instructions
Put everything in your GTA5 main folder. That's it!

How to use ingame:
Press the "F4" key to open the menu and use the numpad keys
to navigate and choose things.
Numpad8 = UP
Numpad2 = DOWN
Numpad4 = LEFT
Numpad6 = RIGHT
You can change the hotkey to open the menu by editing the .ini file

- Added Minigames BETA (Zombie Generator, Clown Generator, Dog Attack, Alien Generator).
- Added Max Upgrades for Vehicles.
- Added Mobile Radio.
- Fixed Player Model naming and rearranged menu a little bit.

- Fixed Player Options.
- Fixed World Options.
- Added Notifications.
- Added .ini file for custom menu hotkey.
- Added toggle for Minigames (Still needs to be fixed)
- Fixed some vehicle glitches.
Note: Toggle a generator ON for only 3-4 seconds then stop or else it will keep spawning and your game will crash.

made by LeandroK ,Jedijosh920 & Dr4Gon$

Virus Scans 

Download Here

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!