Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trainer D3D PBBR - Brasil Cheats Web [OFICIAL] - BETA

1- Download the Brazil Cheats Web.rar file;
2- Extract the Brazil Cheats web.exe file;
3. Open the file "no need to start it with administrator same as it will ever ask for your permission";
4 Enter your user name and password registered forum (Brazil Cheats Web);
5- After logging into your account, open the Point Blank.
Ready now only enjoy the Trainer. (Easier than stealing candy from a baby)


.exe File: 
Compressed file .rar: 

.rar File: Brazil Cheats Web (2) 

Problems with DLL's?
Click here and find your dll. 

#Henrique, AceStriker, ~ Bolado, MR_5Day, Mallesco, Rickye., XandinhoS, Nostriker.
Note: The trainer is still in beta and still contains errors and bugs.