Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TF2 Wallhack VAC Undetected FOREVER v4.5 & v6

I just made these, though they are actually a continuation of the work of Zeraxis, so give him most of the credit. That's also why I have kanged his nomenclature. Anyways, first up, what I like to call Wallhack v4.5. It is really just the same as v4, but with a fix for the pyro (my work).

Next is v6. It is a cross between v4 and v5; basically it is v5, but with colored heads only. This one also has a fix for the pyro .

Features are the same as the latest official release by Zeraxis. I'd put a link, but apparently I'm not allowed.

To install, extract the contents of the zip to "Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/". After starting the game, create a new server, open the console (Options>Keyboard>Advanced>Enable, then ~), and enter "sv_cheats 1", then "mat_reloadallmaterials", then "sv_cheats 0". Disconnect from the server, and proceed as always.

Virus scan file 1 Virus scan file 2

It goes without saying, that only one of these mods should be used at a time. If any other wallhack mods are installed to your custom folder, they will need to be removed first. Other texture mods might also interfere with these, you will need to use trial and error to find out what is and is not compatible.

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