Monday, May 25, 2015

[Release] No Zombie Damge.v2

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Dahil pasukan na naman at di na ako makakapag gawa pa ng mga ganito ..
ginawa ko to para sa inyo..

GlassWall-----------------------(mouse scroll)
No Reacoil----------------------(auto)
No Spread--------------------- (auto)
Headshot-----------------------(numpad 1 ON, numpad 2 OFF)
Teleport------------------------(F10 save pos, F11 Reveal pos)
No Zombie damage------------(numpad 1 ON, numpad 2 OFF)
Speed Hack---------------------(up arrow, Down arrow)
IGN name-----------------------(GM_Rapzkie)

only LOVER, BOMBER, BREAKER can hit you, so you must avoid them ..
and this DLL. Works only with in 5 days .. (until May 28, 2015)


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