Monday, May 25, 2015

Release [LoLCMZ] TheBenderLoader - CameraTool

I stopped completely with no tool is how the game has been updated a few things no longer work. I learned a new method to do this.

I rewrote the tool to test its effectiveness with this new method.
I just simply increase the zoom and you can not but increase or decrease why it gave many LAG's I'm seeing how to improve it and add it again, as this version is to test the code itself and how it will behave.

How to use the tool?
Simple expect to finish the game loading screen, so the game begins with your summoner the base open the tool he will make comparisons of versions if you have new update it updates or if the version it entails the game she injects the code, once the match is over close the program and Asia the same pace in the next game. As the mouse problem I'm also seeing how to improve it to leave the application open always understand.

If injected code on the loading screen will not work right ...
Expect loading screen finish ... I'm seeing how to improve it ...

If everything is correct it will inject the code


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