Thursday, May 21, 2015

[Release] ▌Geopulse Project▐ Warrock PH VIP Hack v0.2

▌Geopulse Project▐ Warrock PH VIP Hack v0.2

Will be enabled on: May 21, 2015; 9:00PM

Alright. Since my birthday is coming, here's my gift to all of you guys. A FREE VIP hack, this is my best hack I created so far. Now some of you might be crying about how this will ruin the game, well I'd say it's not my responsibility anymore. Just kidding, it has a system that disables the hack if I want to. I'll enable it from 9:00 to 11:00 in the evening so you won't be ruining other player's games during day. Just stay tune in my FB Page for announcements. I know it's unfair but it's the only way to prevent the game to be dominated by hack users. Don't worry, I'll enable it ALL DAY in my birthday (May 23). After that, I'll disable it forever and it will be a private VIP which is paid. I'll continue updating this project if there's someone who is willing to buy this VIP (of course you'll have unlimited time playing with it and it would be private) but it's not my priority right now.

It's using a new type of menu called "Direct Engine" it is coded by H1De, I tweaked the source code a bit. just use your mouse to navigate through the menu. Press "Home" key to show/hide the menu. For me, it's not yet considered a VIP, but it has an Aimbot and ESP so it's a semi-VIP I guess and I'm planning to add more features in the private version. For now, it consists:

*No Recoil
*No Spread
*No Reload
*No Screen Shake
*Bone shot
*Hit The Floor
*Ammo 999
*Power 999
*Extra Ammo
*Quick Spawn
*Unlimited Stamina
*No Fall Damage
*No Bounds
*Walk Through Walls
*Walk Under Water
*Player Chams
*Vehicle Chams
*No Fog
*Full Bright
*Player Wireframe
"Name", "Health", "Dist", "Wep", "Class", "Points", "Kills", "Deaths"
Aimbot :P

Screen Shots:

vcredist (2013)

Known Bugs:
*The game will freeze if you didn't turn off ESP hacks when the game ended. Keep that in mind.
*Don't use trigger bot in melee weapons. Sometimes, it will disconnect you.
*Your melee weapons will have ammo ;)

Virus Scans:


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