Saturday, May 30, 2015

kr0wns Menu v1.2

kr0wns Menu v1.2


Note: this version is not fully ready, I will complete in the next few weeks!

v1.2 Changes:

Main Menu:
Self Options
Changer Skin
Vehicle Spawn
Weapon Mods
Spawn Objects
Vehicle Editor
Players Page 2
All Players

Weapon Mods: (BETA)
- Money Bags
- RPG Explosion

Note: press the key number 5 and shoot to make it work.

- Added Recovery (Char 1, Char 2):
- Rank 120, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600
- Unlock Exclusive T-Shirts
- Unlock All Vehicle Mods 
- Unlock All Camos & Parachutes
- Unlock Heist Vehicles
- Unlock All Tattoos
- Unlock Heist Trophies
- Unlock All Achievements/Awards
- Purchase All Weapons
- Unlock All Hairstyles
- Unlock All
- Remove Bad Sport
- Clean Reports/Cheating

Player Client Options:
- Teleport to Player
- Attach/Detach to Player
- Explode Player
- Kick Player from Vehicle
- Attach Object
- Drop Cash (40k Money Bags)
- Give All Weapons
- Remove All Weapons
- Launch Vehicle

All Players Options:
- Explode
- Kick From Vehicle
- Spawn Asteroid
- Attach Object
- Money Lobby
- Teleport Vehicles Players to me
- Clone and Dance
- Attach Clone
- Launch Vehicle
- Break Engine Vehicle (Crash you)

Vehicle Options:
- Spawn Vehicle with Max Upgrades (OFF):
- Supers
- Heist Vehicles
- Helis & Planes
- Off Road
- Military
- Motocucles

F4 activate 
NUM2/8/4/6 navigate thru the menus and lists
NUM5 select

Alexander Blade - SDK & Hook

Virus Scans:

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