Monday, May 25, 2015

Knights of Pen & Paper 1 Mod APK 2.29 Android Modded Game

Free Download Knights of Pen & Paper 1 Mod APK 2.29 android modded game for your android mobile phone and tablet from Android Mobile Zone.

Knights of Pen & Paper is a role playing game. The game is developed by Paradox Interactive. WOW! One of the best, IGF 2013 game winners! Set your own challenges as the dungeons master. Monsters are attacks in many stages, so you can choose your place and kill all the monsters. Improve your stats and deal with many monsters. Download now one of the best RPG game and set up your fight on your way!

Features of Knights of Pen & Paper 1 Mod APK 2.29:

One of the best story based Role Playing Game!
Fight against monsters and defeat the dark mage!
Fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world!
Play with other player together in group!
Goodies from real life, affects multiple games!
Travel and explore your different fantasy world!
Unlock new items and equipment!
Improved your stats and your skills!
Many mean monsters to deal with!
Choose your battle and choose how many monsters to battle!
Fight more and earn more gold!
Find the treasures and avoid the monsters traps!
Fight with powerful bosses in each level!

What’s New:

Added new character class!
Added new locations, enemies and quests!
Miscellaneous bug fixes!
Expanded dungeon features!
Fixed save game issue!
Restore previous saves!

Size: 27.3
Version: 2.29
Require: 2.3 and UP

Download Now

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