Friday, May 15, 2015

Instant Customs v2.0 Menu / WORKS online! Max any car to the maximum. [1.24/26]

Version 2.0 for the Instant Customs mod menu for maxing every vehicle and even store it in your garage online! Check the screenshots for the features!
This mod allows you to Upgrade any Car to the maximum possible. You can Upgrade all parts at once or just the Engine (Engine, Brakes, Transmission, Suspension, Turbo), the performance Parts (Spoiler, Exhaust), the cosmetic parts (Bumpers, Sideskirts, Frame, Grill, Hood, Fenders, Roof, Xenon), the safety Features (Armor, Shooting save tires). This mod also, makes you able to fix, clean and paint your car. The color menu is very limited, it may be upgraded later.

Installation instructions
Mod requires GTALua, which is already in the package.
Paste everything in your GTA5 main folder.

-Press [NUM9] to toggle the Menu
-Navigate with [NUM8], [NUM5], [NUM6], [NUM2], [NUM4]

made by Infernalisss

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Download Here
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