Monday, May 4, 2015

Infinite Realms | Hamachi

Infinite Realms

Owner: Infinity
Co-Owner: Shlub

Credits: Club559 for the source and anyone who helped him/her.

Hamachi : infiniterealms1 - 20
PW: 1

Will make more rooms soon.

Healing HP/MP Pets
Custom Nexus
Custom Items
Forums soon (depends how much the user base grows.)
Donations system being set up currently.
And some more that I can't be bothered listing.


Nexus has 8 Regions, Abilities, Weapons, Rings, Keys, Clothing and Accessory Dyes, Armors, and UTs.

The point in Private Servers is to feel better than you ever will in Prod, right? Keys are cheap so you can max fast. (The reason I don't just sell maxy's is because I want you guys to also do SOME work. And WC Incs actually open the Wine Cellar itself, not

Bottom of nexus is where anyone with /spawn can spawn.. if they plan on spawning a big amount, they should open an arena. You can make guilds at the bottom of nexus too.

Pets are added in, just forgot to add as a merchant when making the nexus, will do that later or tomorrow.

Edit: (OPTIONAL) < Remove space
Client with sounds (music, bullet sounds, etc.) ^^ This is optional you can still play using the client below
If this isn't allowed a minion can just delete this link but it's the same client just with sound added so I figured it wouldn't matter.

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