Sunday, May 24, 2015

GTA5 Ultimate Unlocker Hack menu ONLINE/ Spawn/Max/Add$$ + Online Bypass [1.26/1.24]

Another Hack menu made by 11zero11, it's his newest update. This download also includes the online bypass! You can spawn/level/max/add $ and even more in this menu!

How to use ingame

Press the "F3" key to open the menu and use the numpad keys
to navigate and choose things.
Numpad8 = UP
Numpad2 = DOWN
Numpad4 = LEFT
Numpad6 = RIGHT

Extract everything into your root GTA5 folder. I suggest you to start it in patch 1.24 instead of 1.26. Both works, but to be safe, use patch 1.24. I heard there was a ban wave, but I didn't get banned so, I was hacking the whole time, only in 1.24 though.

New features in this release

Working online players menu, that allow you to give other people money, teleport them, give/take away all weapons, explode and teleport to the nearest car.

Recovery menu, that allows you to change your lvl from 50 till 8000. Removes cheater flags, bad sport, reports. Unlocks clothes, LCS, Tatoos, all heist vehicles, weapon skins~

made by 11zero11, he used most stuff from the "native trainer" though, so also credits to Alexander Blade

Virus Scans 

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