Monday, May 18, 2015

GTA5 PC Trainer | Updated Beta v6.0 / Hack menu + Online Bypass [1.26/1.24]

We all know the PC/Native Trainer for GTA5 on PC, well I haven't seen any threads for the newest update. So here it is, the newest update, including the online bypass for version 1.26/1.24.

Installation instructions
Place everything into your root GTA5 folder. Online bypass is included for patch 1.26/1.24.

How to open?
Press the "F4" key to open the menu and use the numpad keys to navigate and choose things.

You can change the keycodes to open the menu or navigate the menu by editing the .ini file

The menu is based/inspired by "Console Trainer V". As of now, it is in beta (6), I am adding a lot more animations and features in future updates.

Beta 2 (Small Update)
- Fixed Player Options.

Beta 3 (Small Update)
- Fixed World Options.

Beta 4
- Added Minigames BETA (Zombie Generator, Clown Generator, Dog Attack, Alien Generator).
- Added Max Upgrades for Vehicles.
- Added Mobile Radio.
- Fixed Player Model naming and rearranged menu a little bit.

Beta 5
- Added Notifications.
- Added .ini file for custom menu hotkey.
- Added toggle for Minigames (Still needs to be fixed)
- Fixed some vehicle glitches.
Note: Toggle a generator ON for only 3-4 seconds then stop or else it will keep spawning and your game will crash.

Beta 6 (Small Update)
-New better customizable .ini file. You can now edit the navigation keys.

made by jedijosh920

Virus Scans 

Sorry, I didn't realize I wrote "Native Trainer", I mean't the "PC Trainer" of course

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