Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[Garena BlackShot] Totalitem.bsv BYPASS+ BIGHEAD + Aimbot

Hello, shooters!!!

Here is the famous Totalitem BSV Bypass.
Here I am passing on to you the Totalitem BSV Bypass.
To use just follow the steps:

First, install your files...

Place the file "TotalIten.bsv" in the folder:
... BlackShot \ Data \ _SG \ CSV\

Place the file "BabyBabyOh.nif" in the folder:
... BlackShot \ Data\

Use Extreme Injector to Inject the DLL

Important: Don't remove, edit or delete your Totalitem.bsv file original

Use sparingly, have good fun!!!
Please, share this hack with your friends!!!
Tested in Windows 7 x64 bit [Work]
Tested in Windows 8.1 x64 bit [Work]

Credits for me TigerOmega [bengaludo] and my friend!

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