Sunday, May 31, 2015

Farm Ville 2 Trainer By XsonicX

Terms of service
-You may NOT sell this hack in anyway!
-You can use and send to friends.
-This trainer will have 1 Popup every 120 sec! (Max.5)
-Hacks are only for educational purposes ONLY.
-Please Use this program with the English version of farmville2
-If the plugin fails, you should ALWAYS reopen this program
(If you get forbidden / banned it will NOT be my fault!)
Use at your own risk.
The trainer was created by DaSpamer and improved by xsonicx
After you've read this, Feel free to use the hacks!

when this window is open below, need only be opened with farmville and connected with this program, then click "OFF" to activate the script, use one or more at a time.
01 hack - Transforme 1 Cash in 10000 Temporary cash- Buy all the ingredients in kitchen, buy all you want and buy all the expansions.
02 hack - Make all cash items cost Coins. - Buy all by coins or free.
03 hack - Make all Animals items cost Coins. - Buy all by coins or free.
04 hack - Make instant redeem, Buildings build without parts
05 hack - Always has water and power, just put on, and off when full. Just remember to put off before planting. Or Hoops Daisy will show
06 hack - Put a Free Manor House and sell it for 8.000.000 coins. - Enable, Open Market and find "Manor" put on farm and sell.
07 hack - Win 300,000 xp for putting hay wagon Free or Pool on farm and level up. - Enable, Open Market, find "Wagon" or "Pool" place on farm and level up(max.100)
08 hack - Harvest instant chicken coop, wells and furnace. - Enable this and Harvest , Harvest
09 hack - Ask's and Post's will be ready in 5 minute for quests. - Enable, Send all gifts to your friends and Post´s.
10 hack - Harvest 1 Crop and others 300 times. - Harvest 1 crop and give 300 to feed your animals. Feed your animals and get multiple itens get Blue Mastery too!!!.
11 hack - Remove all Rocks and Wood. - Tired for asking peace's to remove all Rocks, just put On visit a neighbour and Go home. Voila !!!
12 hack - New Water 300 Pack - Enable and go to inventory and search Water30 and use. If you don´t have just enable first Cash to coins and buy.
13 hack - Will have 4690 codes in list, change to what you want to have.Copy codes same number and change it.
14 hack - AoB Replacer just put the codes and replace.
Feel Free to Use and share with trusted neighbours and friends

Video Tutorial

Download Trainer Now

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