Monday, May 4, 2015

CSGO Semi Multihack D3D Menu

Hey guys, this is my semi multihack for CS:GO.
Its pretty shit atm, has no multithreading, and uses alot of getasynckeystates. Basically everything is packed into one big thread with the menu.

Oh and, the Health Glow doesnt work

Visual Studio 2012 c++ Redistributable
1920*1080 Monitor.
CSGO must be in Fullscreen windowed or windowed 1920*1080.

VAC Status: Untested (Should be UND as I wrote it from scratch)

How to:
1. Open CSGO.
2. Open Hack.
3. (optional) Choose hotkeys for menu and cursor. (Cursor is the Crosshair, since the mouse gets hidden by the actual overlay)
4. Turn on functions by clicking its respective box, you can customize Glow for your team and enemy team.
5. Enjoy


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