Friday, May 15, 2015

Baseball Heroes Hack Combo Update 15/05/2015

Features of the Hack Baseball Heroes:
- Bypass : must be enabled from the first
- No Absorb Combo
- Instant Max Combo : get 1 point then your combo will be a maximum
- Auto Swing : you do not need to click on the screen to hit the ball
- Easy RBI : members of your team will always be able to make a home run.

      Tools Required :
      Cheat Engine Already Installed : Cheat Engine 
      AobswapPlugin.lua :   Download AobswapPlugin


      Hack  Baseball Heroes V12:       Trainer Baseball Heroes

      Steps to use Cheats Baseball Heroes :
         1. Download and Instal Cheat Engine (do not open)
         2.  Open your Game (after you log in to the game, do not click anything).
         3.  Now, open Baseball Heroes Trainer, then click select process, select process in accordance   with your browser (Ex : Firefox Win 7 then select FlashPlayerPlugin)
          NOTE : If you use Google Chrome browser, open only one tab in a browser, then you select the process on the trianer, after that click inject. After click inject, you can open more than one tabs in your browser
         4. Next steps, select hack then click enable  
       NOTE : You must activate or enable the "bypass" first before activating another hack
       5.Back to the game, now play the game and get your Grand Slam:

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