Thursday, May 28, 2015

AVA / Aeria Games AP Generator v4.50 - Generate hundreds of AP every day!

I'm not responsible if you get banned.

Attention: To be able to use this generator, you need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center


Generate AP: Use this to generate a varying amount of AP for your account. The generator cannot influence that amount but it will always try to add as much AP as possible. You may get 200 AP but 400 or more AP are also possible.

Login: The generator will automatically login to your account using your entered account credentials in order to get the information required to add AP to your account. If you do not want to enter your account credentials you can use the alternative method explained below.

"I don't want to enter my username and password!" (xD): This way you can generate AP for your account without entering your username and password in the generator. A short tutorial will explain how this method works after clicking on it.

Instance based AP generating: This generator uses multiple instances to add AP to your account. You can set the amount of instances the generator will use. Remember: More instances means faster AP generating but your computer may start lagging if you set too many instances. 50 instances are set by default which should be perfect for most computers.

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