Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Angry Planes 1.0

Virus Scans:

Highly inexperienced pilots are chasing you in planes of all sizes. Good luck surviving as they are equipped with missiles!

Default controls
- F5: Toggle

- ScriptHookV is required. Put AngryPlanes.asi and AngryPlanes.ini in your GTA V folder.

Settings (.ini file)
- MaxVehicles: The maximum amount of planes that will hunt you down at once. Capped at 50 due to game restrictions. Turn down the value if you experience framedrops or crashes.
- EnableRockets: If set to 1, planes will shoot missiles at you. Set to 0 in order to disable.
- MinRocketDelay: The minimum delay (in milliseconds) between rocket launches. Lower means more missiles. Recommended value is 750 (0.75 seconds).
- ActivationKey: Keycode for the key needed to (de)activate the mod. Default value is 0x74 which translates to F5.
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