Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Phantom Chronicle – Super Card

Locker Blue for Phantom Chronicle – Super Card
PHANTOM CHRONICLE is a card battle game where you use a variety of cards called “Phantoms” in simple, yet engaging, fast-paced battles. In the world of PHANTOM CHRONICLE, cards are storage devices that are used to preserve or revive various genetic information, and more.
The kind of creatures that were once limited to the realm of fantasy are stored in cards, ready to fight alongside you and aid you in your quest. There are Phantom cards that are used in battle, as well as useful item cards that aid you on your quest.

Skills are the unique special techniques each Phantom has which can be used in battle. There are 2 types of skills; leader skills, which activate automatically when a Phantom becomes the leader, and skills that are manually activated during battle with SP.

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