Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hack VIP BlackShot Garena BlackShot Demolished 2.0

Hack VIP BlackShot Garena BlackShot Demolished 2.0

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• Compatibility
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Caption: Functional | Untested | Infuncional

• ScreenShot

• Functions

- No Recoil * No * Disables
- Fast Reload * not * Disables
- No Spread * not * Disables
- Weapon Speed ​​* not * Disables
- To Knife Weapon (AllKnife * *) * not * Disables
- Mastery [Required Host] * not * Disables
- HP Hacker [Required Host] * not * Disables
- TeamESP

• Weapon to Weapon To Knifer
- AK47
- MP5
- TYPE 64
- SSG82

• Weapon with No Recoil, No Spread & Fast Reload

- AK47
- MP5
- M16A1
- Type64
- SSG82
- SWM500

• with Weapon Speed

- AK47
- MP5
- M16A1
- SSG82
- SWM500
- TYPE64


Delete Key: No Recoil, No Spread & Fast Reload
Insert key: Weapon Speed
Home key: Weapon To Knife
End key: TeamESP
Key [F8]: Mastery + HP Hacker [Need Host | All Weapons]

Image Hack Active Hack Mastery

Image Hack Active TeamESP

• Tutorial

Download the Hack VIP BSVIP
This hack he is a .dll file
You will need to download injector to inject the hack in your game
Download the Injector
After making Download
Inject run as Administrator
Place as the picture shows

inject Image

Choose only one to inject your hack vip
When you enter your game have the credits window appears and press OK

Image credits press OK

Download Now
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