Friday, April 17, 2015

Crossfire[PH] Cheat New Update! Working 100%

This Cheat Is Newly Updated..If There Are Problem Comment Only And I Will Respone After Thanks.....AND RESPECT MY UPDATED POST GOODLUCK ALL CHEATERS BE LONELY

- First Turn Off Your Anti-Virus
- Download The Link I Give To You and Download It
- Extract It To Your Desktop
- Open The FacpCf Pro Cheat
- Wait Until It Activate
- Then Go to CrossFire


+ Aimbot
- AimKey
- Visible Check
- Aim Distance
+ Esp h4ck
- Esp Name
- Esp Health
- Esp Bar
- Esp Rank
- 2D & 3D Boxes
- Esp Line
- Distance Line
- Esp Bomp
+ D3D h4ck
- WallHack
- Show Ghost
- Glass Wall
- Point Wall
- White Player
- White Wall
- Remove Wall
+ Memory h4ck
- Super Jump
- Move Speed
- Close & Open Kick
- Anti Fall Damage
- Anti Grenade Bomp
- Anti Flash Bomp
- Anti Smoke Bomp
- Anti Weapons Weight
- Anti Weapons Recoil
- Anti Weapon Reload
- Anti AWM Delay
- Onehit Sniper
- Onehit ZMode
- Onehit AIMode
- OneHit Knife
- OneHit Kills
- Walk Through Wall
- Shoot Through Wall
- Long Knife Attack
- Fast Knife Attack
- Weapons h4ck
- Buy Item Admin
- Game Type
- Distance Defuse C4
- Fast Defuse C4
- Fast Place C4
- Save Current Map
- Load Original Map

Enjoy Fellow CheaterZ!! and Dont forget to thanks

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