Sunday, April 19, 2015

AVA Game Destroyer - Free Public RAGE Hack

I'm not responsible if you get banned.

Attention: To be able to use this hack, you need to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5: Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 from Official Microsoft Download Center


Aim Bot: Aims for you.

-Silent Aim: Aims while you (and others) don't see you aiming at whatever this function actually aims at.

-Auto Fire: The hack fires automatically.

UAV Everyone: Automatically UAV's everyone (Also visible for other players).

Spam Bot: Insults Aeria in the game chat.

Anti Kick: Makes other players unable to kick you ingame.

No Hit Effects: The direction you are looking at does not change when you get hit.

No Spread: Removes the weapon spread.

No Recoil: Removes the weapon recoil.

Super Weapons: Every weapon shot fires 30 bullets.

Rapid Fire: All guns fire extremely fast and with a really high rate of fire.

Unlimited Ammo: Unlimited ammo for all types of weapons except grenades and maybe for some other special weapons i don't know about.


1.)Run the .exe
2.)Wait for the "Waiting for AVA" window to appear
3.)Start AVA
4.)If the Hack Loader window closes without any errors after starting AVA, the hack is successfully injected.
5.)All features are enabled AUTOMATICALLY.


1.)Start this hack BEFORE starting AVA.
2.)Not working for any other AVA version than UAVA hosted by Aeria Games.
3.)All features are ALWAYS enabled. This hack was made ONLY for rage hacking.

Please report any bugs you find in this thread!

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