Monday, April 27, 2015

[27.04.15] [GHBSYS] WarRock Public Client

[GHBSYS] WarRock Public Client

Be sure you have installed NetFramework 3.5 or higher( if not you can get it here )
Be sure you have installed C++ 2010 Redistruable Package( if not you can get it here : 64bit | 32bit )
Start the Client as Administrator
Start WarRock.
The Public Hack will appear and you can navigate trough it with the arrows

To avoid detection or Party program message , do the following before using our hacks
Restart your PC
Close all Background programs , that are not needed for you to play
Follow the steps above to start WarRock with our Programs

If the Hack keeps crashing proceede as follows:
Be sure , that you have disabled the DEP, if not follow the instructions and restart your Computer

This is the most recent working GHBSYS WarRock Hack Client.

Enjoy  - Insert to show menu.

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