Thursday, March 12, 2015

Phoenix T_T 3.0 Alpha

Dont ask for aprove they will only delay it ...

Please dont ask how does what work just test it on bots. You have to setup properly all settings to get aimbot to work or trigger.
Dont ask every 5 mins if its detected. Its relesed for secure resons to keep it a little bit more ud and also should work for more ppl now
as there aimbot sould work and etc...

Released day: 2015-03-10

Trigget shoot on head will cause hack crash. I already fixed it however it will be fixed for you in next releases. Sorry for it but i change a bit code and forgot about it.

T_T 3.0 A_SANG - T_T 3.0 Alpha Set Angles New Graphics (This should work for ppl for whom Aimbot in version with using mouse does not work) - Beter Fore RAge aimbot
T_T 3.0 A_UMOG - T_T 3.0 Alpha Use Mouse Old Graphics (it should work for people for who new version crashes and T_T 2.0 worked) - More Legit Aimbot

BunnyHop(set jump to mouse 3)
OverClock(change refresh rate of hack)

Default HotKey Menu: DEL
Move Radar: Arrow Keys.
Bind jump to mouse3 than press spacebar to bhop.

If cheat is not working:
Make sure you have at least windows vista
Make sure ur aero is enabled
Make sure Direct X is installed Link
Make sure u have installed visual studio redistributable 2013 Link
Run as Admin
Disable antyvirus


T_T 3.0 A_SANG: 

T_T 3.0 A_UMOG: 


Download Now

T_T 3.0 A_SANG
File Type: rar T_T 3.0 A_UMOG
File Type: rar T_T 3.0 A_SANG_FIXED_TRIGGER
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