Saturday, March 28, 2015

Galaxy Life – Flip Flop Enemy

Locker Blue for Galaxy Life – Flip Flop Enemy

It is a real time strategy game where you gather two resources: minerals and gold. You start only with one planet, from which you can rebuild the mighty Starling Empire once again.
But beware, the other players have the same goals as you.

Before start attacking a player think twice, think that if you place a unit there will it be destroyed easily? First spy on them before attacking, see where all the turrets are hiding, you can also use a spy capsule to check for units in bunkers, or if you see something hiding behind a building see if there is a defensive bunker or a friends bunker.

To Destroy firstly if you have more than 2 Boulder Strike then you can place it on the defense bunkers, then when you finish use 2 boulder strikes that should fininsh it off. There are a couple of key notes about defensive turrets that help define an attack plan. Defensive turrets have a “target preference”, i.e. when a bunch of units are in range, once their current target is destroyed the turret will start firing on a random unit within its range based on its target preference, and will aim to destroy every unit of the preferred type before moving on to a different type. Snipers, Cannon Blasts and Laser Towers HEAVILY prefer Beetle tanks over almost anything else, which make them perfect decoys for the much more damaging Bazookas. One critical note though, Falcons from defensive bunkers actually prefer infantry and will pound your Bazookas first before the Beetles, so you will not be able to decoy them. Also, keep tons of missile rains, boulder stikes and skull nukes in handy too.

Best of all Locler Blue w,ll stop enemu turrets for a while. It is a chance of you to destroy enemy planet.

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