Thursday, March 12, 2015

[BETA] Hacker Fail v1 - Aimbot, Esps, Telekill and others..

Hi guys, today I will post a hack for CANA, but, I could not enter in a match, post results !

Only works in WIN 7 and Vista !

The lag is from my PC

Post result if the hacker worked fine !


HackerFail, Q3 SDK, Tamimego, _GHOSTER_, Gellin, S0beit, Pasha, Fatboy88, Tim0n, Mmbob, USSR, Luccss, WE11ngton, ac1d_bUrn, Code64, luizimloko, ChaosMagician, QMO, MattyPatty, Nexus, ForeverRed, NIGGA

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