Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Aeria Points -->>> 5$ / 1000AP

Hello guys ,first, let me introduce myself, my name is Andy, I am from Seoul, South Korea. I am opening a service that provides everyone AP - by completing sur-veys which are safe and cheaper than original price.

5$ / 1000AP
Since this is the start of the services( I also have many services for other games ) , I can do some free AP first for you guys, this is just happening during these days. ANYONE comments here about my reputation will get 10% BONUS AP for the second purchasing time
_We only Accept Payments via PAYPAL!
_Due to the fact that we are from different timezone, you might not get my response immediately, DO NOT freak out ! I will get back to you ASAP
_Your Purchases of AP are guaranteed for 1 YEAR! If there is any lost, please provide us your evidences, we will return back to you
_While waiting for your order to be completed, you can still stay online in your games,
_Processing time is depend on the purchasing amount of Cash, and the process is taking on the main Homepage, it does not affect anything inside the server.
_You only have to provide me your AP ID (this will be guided when you talk to me on Skype)

Contact Infomation:
Skype: gameseller07

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