Friday, February 6, 2015

WarRock Simple Hack V2

Hey yo! This is just an update of the previous hack, i've released(Simple Hack V1).
The offsets changed so I had to update them. I also changed some other things you can look up at the changelog
at the bottom of this thread.

- Super Jump (control)
- Sky Walk
- No Fall Damage
- Dig (home)
- No Boundaries
- No Spawn Wait
- Fast Ammo
- Speed
- Speed Roll
- Glasswalls (F6)
- Gravity (F7)
- No Recoil
- No Spread
- Super No Spread
- Slot 5
- Slot 6
- Slot 7
- Slot 8
- No Fog


- Start an Injector of your choice(I recommend Extreme Injector v3.3, made by @master131 )
- Use manual mapping injection
- Inject the DLL into the warrock main process (warrock.exe)
- Use hotkeys to use the functions which require a hotkey pressed
- Have fun!



- added some protection features(hide dll from peb, erase headers etc.)
- updated outdated offsets since warrock has updated
- @Ch40zz-C0d3r
- @znoen

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