Saturday, February 7, 2015

Suba Mission Against Terror v437

First off, this does not belong to me. I take no credit in making it.

Wall Hack(Not Working)
Ghost Box/Green Box(Both Work)
Tag Name(Works but removes text chat and crosshair)
Fly Jump(Not Working)
Aimbot(Works, but not accurate)
Restore HP(Does not work)
Ctrl speed(does not work)
Jumhibrids(kind of works)
Behind view(Works but shoots at ground)
See team HP(Works)

Step 1: Download the attachment(loader mat)
Step 2: Place it in your MAT folder
Step 3: Run from folder or make a desktop shortcut of loader mat.exe
Step 4: Click MAT Launcher
Step 5: Login and Start the game
Step 6: join a game and start the hack
Step 7: hotkeys on GUI

Hotkeys Screen:

Download Now

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