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Functional in ! GrandChase BR Produced by Crackiller and King Skywalker




Auto Bot - Functional
Auto Kill - Functional
One Hit - Functional
HP Full - Functional
MP Full - Functional
Instant Spell - Functional
Skill Free - Functional
Full Combo - Functional
Super Armor - Functional
Oxygen Full - Functional
Fury Jin / Sieg - Auto On
Fury Dio / Zero - Functional
Lin Cards - Functional
Group Monsters - Functional
Stop Time - Functional
Super Speed ​​- Functional
Super Jump - Functional
Wide View - Functional
Wait in Sec 3 - Disabled (Temporarily)
Item Hack - Functional
SS Rank (+ 15% EXP) - Functional


Auto Bot - Pass the stages of the mission automatically;
Auto Kill - Kill all monsters;
One Hit - Monsters die with one blow;
HP Full - You do not lose HP;
Full MP - MP always full;
MP Pet - Pet MP always full;
Instant Spell - is equivalent to pressing the Z button, except you do not strive;!
Skill Free - You do not have to wait to use their skills;
Full Combo - Combo 9999999;
Super Armor - No attack knocks you;
Oxygen Full - You do not lose oxygen;
Fury Jin / Sieg - rage bar always full for Jin and Sieghart;
Fury Dio / Zero - rage bar always full for Dio and Zero;
Cards Lin - Lin of letters do not end;
Group Monsters - Lock the monsters in the corner;
Stop Time - For the time 05:30;
Super Speed ​​- Increases the speed of the character;
Super Jump - Pressing up arrow, your character will jump up high;
View Large - Increases the screen field of view;
Wait in Sec 3 - You do not have to wait 3 seconds to start the mission;
Item Hack - Select an item and press N to activate;
SS Rank (+ 15% EXP) - Raise your rank in the mission to SS and you get a bonus of + 15% EXP.


NOTE: In many PCs you need to disable antivirus / firewall before downloading the hack to work properly! It is also recommended to close unnecessary programs to the functioning of the system to avoid conflict. Example: (Skype, Torrent, etc.). 

1. Extract the hack on the desktop; 

2. The files "PlayCheat - BGC.exe" and "PlayCheat .dll "must be in the same folder; 

. 3 Run the file "PlayCheat - BGC.exe" as an administrator, the wait Loading; 

. 4 Only when the main screen of the hack (with functions) appears, run the Chase; 

5 . Enter a mission alone, enable fuções you want and enjoy!



This problem is caused by third party software changes in the system, in most cases this can be resolved only by restoring the system files with a version of Windows Media equivalent to its But there are some programs as bank plugins that cause conflict with some applications. HOW TO SOLVE IT? It is recommended to disable this type of application before using the hack, but this is not always as simple as some plugins like Itaú (Guardian) are persistent and even you uninstalling some modifications remain. YOU CAN: * Choose to restore the system to a date when the plugin was not installed ( NOTE: Pay attention to the system prompts for loss of information ) . * Remove files of the plugin folder using a Linux Live CD (Ubuntu is fairly simple to use, but is only recommended if you know what you're doing, otherwise or attempt). * Looking for some specialized software for removal of persistent programs and files try to delete (do not know any, if I think, I put here the name). LOCATION OF THE PLUGIN FOLDER Itaú: "C: \ Program Files \ GBPlugin \"; Of the other banks I know not, but if anyone knows just comment. Another important factor is the upgrade of Internet Explorer. 2. The HACK DOES NOT WORK IN OR GAME IS DETECTED Disable compatibility mode of aqruivos "grandchase.exe" and "main.exe" by clicking the right mouse button on the executable, then properties and the "Compatibility" tab uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode". 1 - Delete the old hacks; 2 - Disable your antivirus / firewall before downloading the hack; 3 - Download CCleaner and make a clean sweep in Windows applications and logs to reduce possibility of errors; 4 - Download the hack and extract the desktop; 5 - Verify that the files "PlayCheat - BGC.exe" and "PlayCheat.dll" are in the same folder; 6 - Run the file "PlayCheat - BGC. exe "as administrator; 7 - Only when the main screen (with functions) appears, run the Chase. * NOTE: Close any program that uses the Internet (Skype, Torrent, etc.).

* OBS²: Perhaps your "main.exe" can not be updated correctly, then it is recommended to delete and update again. 3. The GRAND CHASE CLOSE BEFORE THE LOGIN SCREEN

Well, in this case there is probably hack the incompatibility with your system. If your system is in the compatibility list below, do the following: 1 - Update your Direct X; 2 - Install: * Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 x86 redistribuitable * Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 x64 redistribuitable (Only for those with system x64) * Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 * Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 You can download all of the above described programs direct from the Microsoft website. If an error occurs in the installation, uninstall everything, reboot your PC and reinstall;


Windows Vista 64-bit - Functional
Windows 7 | 32 and 64 bit - Functional
Windows 8 | 32 and 64 bit - Functional
Windows 8.1 | 32 and 64 bit - Functional


Produced by: Crackiller and King Skywalker

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