Friday, February 27, 2015

Pinguço 2015 v1 + Aimbot + Weapon Set + GM Mode + + Esp's Telekill + Rapidfire +++++

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Windows XP [ v ] Windows 7 [ v ] Windows 8 [ v ] Windows 8.1 [ v ] Injectors

Screen Shot

~ Lear Injector 

Pack Lear Injector 

1- Download the dll hack
2- Extract to desktop
3 Download a gun of your choice
4- Then run it as administrator
5- On behalf process type Engine.exe
6- Add the hack dll and let the automatic opição
. 7 And finally run the game

Note: New weapons have been added and more new functions embreve wait!

Note 2: The Crash On kick functions and Start Room crash is the same hack character of the procedure enable one of the functions before starting the match, then immediately go to your inventory, then leaves and enters the starting about 1 to 2 minutes or less than that the room will cair

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